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The following material is published only for experimental and studying purposes:
we take no responsabilities for damages caused by using it.
Some of the below solutions or hacks modify original recorder's firmware/hardware
and this would invalidate producer guarantee and vendor warranty.

Official Firmware - bios
SL39 loader's bios (574 kb)
SL40 loader's bios (574 kb)
60519A recorder's firmware (5.313kb)
60911A recorder's firmware (5.316 kb)

OPlab v2.52k freeware software for OPs modification 
OPlab v2.4b with installer OPlab 2.4b with multi-languages installation setup 
OPlab v2.4 with installer OPlab 2.4 with installation setup by Benji  
From_hdd_lg_to_pc v1.12 by Val238, to save HDD content to PC (Win2000/XP) 
From_hdd_lg_to_pc v2.06  new beta version: added new function to fix remaining time for recording

OPs 2.1 pdf

OPs map in pdf 

Firmware upgrade istructions to upgrade the firmware
Bios upgrade istructions to upgrade the bios

instructions to access to service-menu

Service-menu without RC istructions to access to service-menu without remote control 
Diagnostic-menu instructions to access to diagnostic-menu
SL40 media

compatible media list for SL40 bios

Recorder initialization instructions to perform a recorder initialization
Factory models table correspondence table between factory and brand names
From_hdd_lg_to_pc  doc illustrated manual for ver. 1.08 in French, by claudiusfr02
Compatible drives list compatible drives as replacement for the original one 
H55N@H50N how to make GSA-H55N drives full working with the recorder 

Hardware hacks
Hard Disc changing illustrated guide about HDD changing (337 kb)
Show-view button illustrated note about the adding of the show-view button to the remote control
Putting Hard Disc outside illustrated guide about how to put the HDD outside the recorder (938 kb)
USB/IDE adaptor adding illustrated guide about adding an USB/IDE adaptor inside (1,52mb) 
Loader repairing illustrated guide about loader repairing with parts from GSA-H55N (2,61mb) 
Loader repairing illustrated guide about loader repairing with parts from GSA-H44N (0,5mb) 
Loader repairing illustrated guide about how to fix random opening / closing of the tray (3,3mb) 
Loader repairing just an idea about how to replace non-standard IDE connector drives
Loader repairing illustrated guide about loader repairing with parts from GH22NP20 (1,26 mb)
Loader repairing guide about how to replace the loader with a PC standard drive
SATA Hard Disc  illustrated guide about how to connect an external SATA HDD (1,84mb) 
Removable Hard Disc illustrations about how to create a removable hdd in the recorder (1,53mb) 
Backup for clock  ! illustrated guide about how to add a backup for the clock (1,65mb) 
IR rc codes IR codes of the original remote control for universal programmable rc

Tips & tricks
Region Free (<fw 60519A) how to make the recorder region free (< fw 60519A)
Region Free (fw  60911A) how to make the recorder region free  (fw 60911A)
TimeShift tips about time-shift usage not reported in the operator manual
DVD RW initialization how to initialize a DVD-+RW already burned on PC
Titles renaming how to rename titles faster
Recording from decoder how to record from external decoder using a TV channel as source
Firmware version how to check firmware and bios version and region code
Copy tests HD<> DVD

some copy tests from HD to DVD and viceversa, with different media type

AV1 auto switching how to solve auto switching problem on AV1 with the recorder turned off
Fast Rewind / Forward how to rewind / forward playback with 5 minutes steps 
HDMI output reset how to reset the HDMI output resolution 
Pause frames removing how to remove pause frames in the junction points of an edited title 
Timer recording how to stop a timer recording manually
HDD data recovery data search and recovery for HDD recorder after power fail

Photos archive
RH177 inside RH177's inside, upper view, low-res
RH177 board

RH177's main board (RH1000 main), low-res

RH188H board    (hi-res)

RH188H's main board (RH1000 main), low-res / hi-res (6mpx)

RH188H hdmi      (hi-res) RH188H's hdmi board, paticular, low-res / hi-res (6mpx)
RH188H tuner      (hi-res)

RH188H's tuner, particular, low-res / hi-res (6mpx)

DBRH197 inside DBRH197's inside (2,5 mpx), by Jimiz 
DBRH198 schede  (hi-res) DBRH198's inside, main board, rear board, low-res / hi-res (6mpx) 
D75 inside and chips D75's inside and some particulars of the main chips
D77 board D77's main board (DBRH199P1) 
HDR688x inside, boards HDR688x's main board, power supply and I/O rear board
RH780 inside         (hi-res) RH780's inside, upper view, low-res / hi-res (6mpx) 
RH780 board         (hi-res) RH177's main board (RH1000 main), low-res / hi-res (6mpx) 
RH255  inside  RH255's inside, upper view, low-res
RH265 P1L inside   (hires) RH265 P1L's inside, upper view, low-res / hi-res (6mpx)
RH265 P1L board   (hires) RH265 P1L's main board, particular, low-res / hi-res (6mpx)
RH265 P1M inside RH265 P1M's inside, upper view, low-res
RH270H schede     (hi-res) RH270's  inside, main board, tuner low-res / hi-res (2mpx)
RH277H inside and hdmi RH277's inside, upper view, and hdmi board, particular
RH298H inside       (hires) RH298H's inside, upper view low-res / hi-res (3mpx) 
RH298H main board RH298H's main board 
RH298H boards      (hires) RH298H's I/O rear board, hdmi and power supply low-res / hi-res (3mpx)
RH388H boards RH388H's inside, main board, hdmi, power supply, screenshots

Materials for other recorders
Button table for RH265  RH265: illustrated guide about how to add a button table on the front panel
Internal SATA hdd RHT397: how to install an internal SATA hdd
IDE connector mod  RHT397: IDE connector mod to make easier the hdd disconnection